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So a lot of things happened today that made it an extremely fantastic day and it put me in a really good mood!!
This post is long and obnoxious but so many things happened sldfkjs

SO FIRST: Before physics, natalie told me that soomin got a 2210 on her SAT and THAT MADE ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY ALREADY!! I HUGGED NATALIE AND WE BOTH SCREAMED and then we saw soomin during gym and we all hugged each other and screamed with each other!!!!!! This is the best thing ever for her because she's so happy and she's worked SO HARD to get a good score ;______;

Another cool thing was that during gym me and natalie had a serious conversation about being pressured by others when it comes to college/LIFE DECISIONS and I was glad I was able to talk to her about it because she's someone that's being pressured by the people she spends time with and i've noticed that?? SO i really wanted to make sure that she knew that SHE SHOULD make decisions for herself that make her feel comfortable!!

THEN DURING LUNCH (THIS IS WHAT MADE MY MOOD SKYROCKET) I got an email back from one of the people I emailed to ask for an interview for my english project and they said they'd be available over the weekend and I'm so happy because I WAS SO STRESSED OUT OVER THIS PROJECT but i have the rough draft done for the paper and now i can bang out the interview and the presentation yay (dances)

Then after school, soomin (it's so hard getting used to typing soomin instead of sarah but it's less confusing hheshdskjf) was able to come over to my house because her mom was pleased with the SAT score and wOW I WAS SO HAPPY BECAUSE I HAVEN'T HUG OUT WITH SA- SOOMIN IN LIKE A MONTH???? OR EVEN MORE THAN A MONTH and she was able to come over with the excuse that me her and natalie were """"working on a project"""" (we don't even have school tomorrow..)

so on the way to my house my mom told me that tarantallegra arrived and me and soomin fREAKED OUT (MOSTLY ME... LO..L......) and so IT CAME...... AND I/.....//FF,GF....


i should take a picture of the poster but im lazy, I am so happy with this purchase!!!!!! And people have complained about the quality of JYJ's albums from CJeS when they're actually really well put together!!! like wow I'm really happy with this whole design and everything it's really really nice

After I was done freaking out about this hahskdajh me and soomin watched a korean movie called The King and His Clown and it was really really good wow, i generally enjoy korean movies like sometimes they'll feel cheesy  like a drama in movie form and sometimes it'll just be a really depressing movie and I'll still enjoy but not get really into it?? But the only times I've really felt STRONG feelings for a korean movie were when i watched THE HOST(!!!!!) and this movie, it's set in joseon dynasty so i was just like 'aafdkf these stories all feel the same' but it was a story that was actually really good and really interesting and yeah!! it was a great movie

AND THENNN NATALIE CAME OVER and we all watched 200 pounds beauty together because me and soomin have seen it but we wanted natalie to see it and i mean i half love and half dislike the movie but it was still just really fun having all of us hang out!! SO yeah, im in a really good mood i'm gonna put in tarantallegra and listen to it 23 times before going to sleepㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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