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I'm going to share some of my best selcas of the year but also write about the best and biggest moments of this year!!
A lot of things happened in 2013!!! So to start out, I was in my senior year of high school and I was stressed. I'm pretty sure this was right around when I needed to submit all my applications to colleges so I was really at my peak of stress!! And snapping at everyone all the time and being yelled at by my dad and crying easily..... So.. it's not a nice time I like to look back on.
The next big thing to happen was me getting accepted!! into college!! I feel like this happened around Feburary/March but it was really the first big thing to start a chain of more positive events.
The italian student exchange started in March with the Italians visiting and staying with us for a bit. It was such a wonderful and kind of crazy experience. I was so happy thought to meet them and it was such an amazing educational and cultural experience I was so lucky to have. Then in April!! The chamber choir went on a trip to philly for the heritage festival competition and we won a gold first award!!! Everyone was so happy and we worked so hard,, I was so happy we could win that and give back to our amazing choir director that worked so hard for us,,
Somewhere in April (spring break?) I visited UNC Asheville, one of the schools I got into, for the admitted students day. And by a wonderful I got to meet up with Sarah! It made me really happy to see her again,, And I loved the school so much I knew right away that I wanted to go there.
In May I went to Italy!! I could go on and on forever about how much I loved Italy and how breathtakingly beautiful the sights were. My favorite renaissance artist is Michelangelo and we saw THE DAVID. The original one!!!!!! When we visited Florence I literally screamed out loud at some of the sights... I hope I can go back again I really miss the Italian students!
Then I came back... Prom happened and... I graduated high school!!!!!!! It felt weird and after graduation instead of going to a party i just went and got mexican food with my family but i was happy. I was so stressed at the beginning of the year but now i let it all float away.
There still existed the stress of starting college though. Since I decided to go to school in the south my year started earlier than everyone else's... I was also so far away. I stressed a lot and had a few anxiety attacks over the huge change that was about to take place in my life but I handled it.
After my parents left on move-in day I cried a lot but I ended up making so many precious friends and learned so many important things that have changed my life already
I'm so glad I've been able to have these experiences so far and I'm so thankful to the friends that have been with me through all of it..
Thank you for this year and I hope we spend the next years together too~!

Me meeting Elisabetta for the first time after arriving from Italy!

i became a burrito.

Me and Sarah!!

Me visitng Asheville

a selca i took in italy wheeee

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