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I'm going to share some of my best selcas of the year but also write about the best and biggest moments of this year!!
2013!! )
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I moved my heartchu trading post to here but i'll still take trade requests in the comments!!
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 long post about the balloon festival i went to yesterday bcus i was too sleepy to post about it last night!! 
It's just gonna b a bunch of pictures i took and a youtube video whooOO

here we GO )


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 a video taken from the fireworks we went to see last night ~

wow hello

Jul. 4th, 2012 03:16 pm
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 I had hoped to POST .. MORE OFTEN but you know what I made a ""smart"" decision to make this account right before finals........ and lol..... around that time I completely ignored EVERYTHING ELSE. So I didn't really get into a habit of posting here often I guess.

But my summer has been fun so far!! There are things I need to get done though and I have no idea what's gonna be happening later on with the rest of the summer;;; I'm trying not to get stressed but I honestly can't help but to wake up and feel a small amount of stress from it every day... I've figured out more colleges that I'd like to visit but we need to figure out WHEN to visit them and how we're going to do it. Also we need to figure out driving lessons. I need to decide if I should get a job for over the summer but I'm not sure how that's gonna work I feel like it'll be easier having it during the school year. ALSO my parents have been pushing me towards community service and getting more hours because the only reason I couldn't really get into NHS was because I didn't have enough hours,,,,, but NHS is a big responsibility that's most likely too much for me to take on next year. My parents don't understand that though and they care about it looking good for colleges l o l.

Agh, I'm making myself upset. THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT SUMMER SO FAR.... I HAD A SLEEPOVER WITH SOOMIN.. IT WAS GREAT!!!! I THEN PROCEEDED TO HANG OUT WITH HER + NATALIE LIKE 10 MORE TIMES. We've been chilling, watching korean horror movies, playing dance central and just being dumb together. They're super great pals and I've been seeing them like every week but I am not sick of them at all   Just last night we took them out on the boat to see fireworks on the water and they really liked it!! And it just makes me really really happy that I can share these experiences with them and have them experience wonderful moments. They're wonderful friends that I want to give everything to        I'M LIKE JAEJOONG AT THESE TIMES, IT SOUNDS REALLY GAY BUT I really really love my friends and even if we're not that close I CHERISH YOU!!! AND I WANT TO SPOIL YOU WITH LOVE???

Sigh, there are a lot of things I want to do but since my laptop's being fixed I can't really do anything,,, like there are animes I need to watch A LOT OF ANIMES... AND A LOT OF MUSIC I NEED TO DOWNLOAD!! SO MUCH MUSIC........ and then I need to make 10 different playlists. Hopefully I can get these things done SOON. And hopefully I'll get the really important things listed above figured out.

I wanted to write more about dreams but this is hefty now so I'll make another post later?? ok SAYONARA
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So a lot of things happened today that made it an extremely fantastic day and it put me in a really good mood!!
This post is long and obnoxious but so many things happened sldfkjs


hello ;3;

May. 23rd, 2012 03:32 pm
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I decided I should post an intro post or something just to have a first post on this thing.

O.K. ! um hi im sam and I'll be posting mostly about personal things!! I'll just be using it as a journal basically and either post about things troubling me or just fun things happening in my life with my friends and school! I might possibly make posts for myself regarding plans I have with animes/tv shows/videogames just to keep everything in order (i love making lists, they make me feel so focused on what i want to get DONE)

I'm also gonna try to post my dreams as often as I can when they're really vivid and I want to remember them ~
Most of my posting will be sporadic but I'm shooting for at least one post a week???

Enjoy!? ヾ(´¬`)ノ

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